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Romantic Elopements in Fredericksburg Texas!

Ahhh....Fredericksburg, Texas. I'm often asked, "What is the best time of year to elope in Fredericksburg?" Well, that depends on alot of things. Do you envision yourself wearing a flowy spring dress? Do you want pictures among the wildflowers? Do you have a specific week you can take off work? All these things are what most couples think about when determining their elopement date, as they should.

For me, the holidays are the most romantic time of year. It's usually cold, so you get to cuddle up with your love while the two of you stroll down Main Street. Christmas lights glow on every building, people gather in the park and drink hot chocolate, and the sound of laughter fills the shops and restaurants.

Imagine an evening ceremony in the park in front of the big Christmas tree. After the ceremony a horse drawn carriage arrives, we pop open a bottle of champagne and bundle the two of you up. You're off to enjoy the first hour of union in a very special setting! Fredericksburg was voted top 10 most romantic towns in Texas for good reason. And it's the perfect elopement destination! Visit for more information.

Holiday elopements in Fredericksburg Texas

photo by Hill Country Light


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