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Elopement vs. small wedding

Elopements and intimate weddings are on the rise and for good reason. Fading away are the days of dropping $50-$100 grand on a lavish wedding. It’s no longer automatically expected for a couple to go into debt or deplete all their resources on a single event. Couples are wising up to the fact that there is life after the party and wouldn’t it be nice to still have some cash left!

I’ve been a wedding planner going on 9 years now, with the last 3 years specifically focused on planning elopements. Although many clients have chosen the elopement path because it’s wildly romantic, it saves tons of time and stress, and it cost a fraction of a typical wedding…more often than not couples want to invite their family and closest friends. And that’s totally understandable! The idea of eloping can be a little uncomfortable for some.

So we’ve created a few amazing all-inclusive intimate wedding packages. These packages were

designed with the “busy couple” in mind. It’s a one-stop shopping experience (that of course can be tailored) but most of the planning work has already been done.

So maybe you can’t commit to the whole eloping idea. This is a great middle ground from an over-the-top option or no guests at all. It’s still an intimate, less expensive, beautiful way to celebrate

your union and we would be honored to help with your special day!


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