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Where to Elope? 5 Questions You Need to Ask

So you’ve decided to elope! Congratulations, it was the best decision my husband and I ever made. But how do you decide between the worldwide options (literally!)? Answer these 5 questions to narrow it down.

#1 How much time do you have off work?

Will your dream elopement destination require a long flight, or multiple cities? Do you want to explore the area, or are you cool just hangin’ out at the hotel pool? Elopements range from weekend getaways to month long adventures. That begs the next question…

#2 How much money do you want to spend?

As you might have already discovered from scrolling online, the cost of elopements range from simple and affordable to luxury world travel. The beauty of eloping is that no one else needs to be involved with this decision besides you and your partner. Lots of couples choose the more budget friendly options like a courthouse wedding in their hometown followed by a romantic stay at a B&B.

But as eloping becomes more popular among couples that would have traditionally gone with a big wedding with a big budget, luxury destination elopements are on the rise. Rather than spending big bucks on a party that only lasts for one night, these couples are splurging and spending the funds on a dream trip! You’ll now find elopement packages on every continent in the world, yes even Antarctica!

#3 How comfortable are you traveling internationally?

Does the thought of international travel get you all excited inside? Or do you start to feel a bit sweaty and panicky? You should definitely listen to your gut on this one! Your elopement should be easy, fun, and romantic. Every couple has a different comfort level when it comes to travel. You don’t want to start your journey with stress and overwhelm. And on the flip side, you want it to be memorable which for some adventure seekers that might mean an African Safari, cliff diving, or strolling the streets of Paris. While others might prefer a road trip to the Grand Canyon or keeping it closer to home.

#4 Is English widely spoken?

This kind of goes with the last question. Many countries speak English as a second language which makes traveling for us Americans pretty easy. But as I recently learned on a trip to Brazil, it’s not necessarily widely spoken in every country. You might want to give a little thought to this when considering your destination. Not speaking the local language can be more than just inconvenient…it can be downright stressful. We were able to get around with Uber using Google Translate but we didn’t have much interaction with the locals and we pretty much felt clueless in our surroundings.

#5 What’s your elopement vibe?

Here’s where you can sit back with a cup of coffee or glass of wine and brainstorm with your partner. Do you envision yourself on a beach in a flowy dress barefoot? Do you see yourself standing at the Eiffel Tower when the cherry blossoms are in bloom? How about a romantic weekend in wine country? The sky’s the limit here, so have fun, have some laughs and get caught up in all the possibilities.

If you’d like to learn more about Joyful Elopements and the destinations we offer, click here for more information. We’d be honored to help plan your dream elopement!

Elopement in Tulum Mexico by Joyful Elopements with Elena Fedorova Photography


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